Welcome to The Growth Hub

by Game of Life

What is the Growth Hub?

The Growth Hub is your Personalized Growth & Creation Hub. Here you will find everything you need to grow and create your Ideal Life.


We are a community of people that help each other grow and achieve their goals.

As you grow, so will the community, and as the community grows, so will its members. 

This will create a Virtuous Cycle.

Technology & Psychology

We have developed a Psychometrics Test that assesses your Personality Traits, your Values, and Identity.

After taking the Free Test, you will be invited to your Archetype's Community, where you can connect with friends on a similar journey. We have personalized content here just for you. 

Workshops & Topics

In our Topics Sections, our content addresses most people's main needs: Mind, Body, Sour, Entrepreneurship/Career, and Relationships. 

We also offer Free Workshop on Personal Growth that focuses on Self Discovery and going on the Hero's Journey.

NFTs, AI & The Metaverse

Did you know that you can turn your Personality into an NFT? 

This NFT will give you access to our VIP Section and Exclusive Content and Workshops.

We are also planning on creating NFT and Metaverse & AI Experiences for Personality NFT Holders.

The Opportunity

 We are developing a decentralized holistic economic system that rewards you for participating in the community and co-creating alongside us. 

How does it work? 

When the Community requests a project, community members like you will have the opportunity to create. The creations will add value to the community, and the community will reward creators by buying their products. 

Community Owned

Ultimately, we will be creating a Game of Life DAO. The DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that will be Community Owned.

This means that you, the community, will own the community!